Contact IT Group, Academic Affairs and Registration Office, Building 5, 2nd floor, with student ID card or ID card or call 0-2473-7000 ext. 1717

Check what case you are restricted
  • In case of restriction due to lack of submission of documents to report yourself, bring the documents to the building 5, 2nd floor
  • In case of being restricted by an advisor, contact the advisor to request him her to unlock enrollment
Because you didn’t confirm the enrollment until the last step, resulting in incomplete enrollment. Please proceed with the enrollment again. But if the enrollment period has expired, contact the Faculty.
  • Not more than 22 credits for regular program
  • Not more than 9 credits for the Education- For-All program

Contact staff of the Faculty owning the course to reserve a seat in the enrollment

This is because the Department/Faculty notifies dissolution of the study group, causing such course to be withdrawn from the system. If the period of enrollment has not expired, you can add new course directly. However, the hours of the new course must not conflict with those already put in the schedule

Try searching from keyword first by adding asterisk (*) to help search. For example,
  • Search by course code by entering code 1 and followed by *, like 1* or 100*, etc.
  • Search by course title by filling in a specific title and followed by * such as English* or Analysis*

Contact IT section of Academic Affairs and Registration Office, Building 5, 2nd Floor -> or call 0-2473-7000 ext. 1717

Educational results

Contact the instructor to inquire about submission of the grade
  • In case the instructor informs that it has been submitted to the Faculty, please inquire at the Faculty
  • In the case that the Faculty informs that it has been sent to the registration section, please contact the Processing Department, Building 5, 2nd floor


TB17 Form or the Request for Last Semester Study or what the students often call “Graduation Request”, used for submitting an application that they wish to study for the last semester to graduate in that semester

Submission of the TB17 Form is for the Academic Affairs and Registration Office to examine grades of all courses studied in every class and check history and related documents. It is a preparation before being nominated for approval as a graduate when the education results of the applicants are given for all semesters.

It is for all students, who have enrolled all courses in accordance with the program structure in the semester expected “to be enrolled for the last semester”. The only one condition in submitting the TB17 Form is to study for the last semester. You can submit the request form through the education service system at the education service system website at the online request menu

You can submit the TB17 Form to notify enrollment for the last semester normally

Commencement ceremony

Waiting for updates

Requesting a certificate

You can request for a certificate of completion of the curriculum (waiting for the Council to approve) and a tentative transcript.


  1. To apply for change/amendment of personal information.
  2. To apply for a course code adjustment
To apply for a student ID card in the following cases:
  1. Lost or damaged card;
  2. Issue a new card in case of change in name-surname or name title.
However, do not forget! to notify for suspension of the old card because it is an ATM card
To apply for a transcript with fee as follows:
  • 100 baht for each copy at Bachelor’s degree
  • 150 baht for each copy at Master’s degree
  • 200 baht for each copy at doctoral degree
which takes 3 working days to issue important documents
To apply for status certificates as follows:
  1. studentship status certificate
  2. certificate of conduct
  3. certificate of last semester study
  4. certificate of completion of the program (waiting for the council for approval)
  5. certificate of study hours
  6. other certificates
with fees as follows:
  • 100 baht for each copy at Bachelor’s degree.
  • 150 baht for each copy at Master’s degree.
  • 200 baht for each copy at doctoral degree.