Structure Executive Committee

List of Executive Committees



Mrs Jantharat Sirivuttinun

Chairperson Natthamol Heebjankri

Vice Chairperson Dr. Pannee Konjohor

External Qualified Committee Dr. Amphaphan Tantinakornkul

External Qualified Committee Praphaphan Hirunwatcharapruck

Committee Dr. Ruaysup Deshchaisri


Mr. Akanit Jealanukul


The Board of Directors is authorized to perform duties as follows:
  1. Create policies and set guidelines for the office in accordance with the policies of the university.
  2. Develop, monitor, and inspect the quality assurance system of the office
  3. Establish rules and regulations related to administration and administration of the office as assigned by the university council or deemed necessary
  4. Appoint a sub-committee or any person to take any action within the authority of the committee of the office
  5. Provide advice and suggestions to the director.
  6. Perform other duties related to the institution’s affairs or as assigned by the rector.