Academic Affairs and Registration Office

Academic Affairs and Registration Office, formerly called “Office of Academic Promotion”, later changed to the new name by the promulgation of the Rajabhat University Act 2004.

By virtue of Section 6 and Section 11 paragraph one of this Act, it provides the establishment, consolidation, and dissolution of an office, campus, graduate school, faculties, institutes, colleges, centers, government agencies or any department called by other names equivalent to the faculty. Therefore, Bansomdej Chaopraya Rajabhat University considered an establishment of an internal office and implementation of restructuring. In this regard, Office of Academic Promotion has been renamed and established as “Academic Affairs and Registration Office”

which provides academic support under the supervision and command of the rector or vice chancellor assigned.The director of the office is responsible for administration and operation in accordance with the policy of the university, carrying out academic and service-related missions, as well as providing academic information to students, professors, individuals, or agencies both within and outside the university, such as student admission, registration, assessment, course development, and statistics etc.